Kit Focus — Tilley TWS1 Paddler's Brimmed Hat

A Tilley TWS1 Paddler's Hat is an investment. It is adventure headwear that will keep you comfortable and protected from the elements for a lifetime of paddling, sailing, and hiking pursuits. As far as brimmed sun hats go, there is nothing that will beat a Tilley.

I have always been a huge advocate of proper sun protection—having seen far too many sailors and family members suffer from sun damaged skin. A brimmed hat like the Tilley TWS1 Paddler's Hat is unquestionably the best protection you can deploy for your face and neck—offering certified UPF50+ sun protection, glare protection, and temperature regulation.

On sweltering summer days, the Tilley Paddler's Hat supplies comfort thanks to the broad shading brim—with its unique hunter green under-brim to reduce water glare. Ventilation is plentiful too, thanks to the back vent and vent grommets; whilst perspiration is kept from dripping into your eyes by the soft wicking sweatband.

On windy and wet days, the Tilley TWS1 P…

Kit Focus — Mophie 5000mAh Powerstation Mini Powerbank

A lot of people ask how I keep things charged on expeditions and multi-day tours. The answer is simple—powerbanks. There are many alternative sources of power; such as dynamo hubs, solar panels, and of course wall sockets; but powerbanks are a reliable and safe way to charge any device. My current personal choice is the Mophie 5000mAh Powerstation Mini Powerbank.

The Mophie Powerstation Mini is designed to work seamlessly with your electronic devices. The 5000-mAh battery is a serious power boost—capable of supplying an added 18 hours of use for most smartphones.

You can also charge multiple devices at once by plugging one device into the USB-C port and another into the USB-A port; the integrated four-light LED power indicator then displays charging status and the current battery life.

The Powerstation mini weighs just 130 grams, and it is super slim and minimalist—you will barely notice it in your pocket or bag. It is also surprisingly inexpensive at just £20-30 retail in many outlets.

Kit Focus – Merrell Choprock Sieve Water Sports Shoes

The Merrell Choprock Sieve shoes are designed for aqua hiking, but I have discovered they are also the perfect footwear choice for sea kayaking and sailing adventures. After a week exploring the South Coast of the UK on various kinds of craft, these outdoor trainers have become my firm favourite footwear choice for paddling and yachting expeditions.

Forget sweaty wetsuit boots for kayaking or old-school leather deck shoes for sailing; the Merrell Choprock Sieve shoes allow your feet to breathe, while keeping you firmly planted to the boat's deck or when rock-hopping out of your kayak.

The uppers are made from a water-friendly synthetic webbing and mesh, which does not absorb moisture like neoprene or leather. The 'sieve' sandal-like design and Hydramorph™ mid-sole then allow water to escape from the shoe and allow air to ventilate throughout the footbed and uppers to dry your feet within.

Your feet are held securely within the Choprock shoes by the webbing strap design and e…

Kit Focus – Merrell MQM Flex 2.0 GTX GORE-TEX Running and Hiking Shoes

I have been searching for the perfect do-it-all adventure footwear for some time; a shoe for hiking, running, and everyday use. The Merrell MQM Flex 2.0 GTX Shoes may have finally hit the mark. Comfortable, rugged, and waterproof; supplying a stable and secure footing; the Merrell MQM Flex 2.0 are some of the best outdoor shoes I have used to date.

Most trail running shoes are too lightweight and non-durable for everyday and hiking wear; while most hiking shoes are too rigid to be used for extended trail runs. The Merrell MQM Flex 2.0 GTX Shoes are designed to bridge the gap and offer the best features of a trail running shoe and a hiking shoe combined.

The versatility of the MQM Flex 2.0 comes, as the name suggests, from the flexible sole profile. The shoe is "fast in the forefoot, cushioned in the mid-sole, and protective in the rearfoot".

This versatile composition is the result of the Kinetic Fit BASE insole supplying flexible support, the Air Cushion heel supplying impa…

Kit Focus – adidas TERREX Agravic Boa Trail Running Shoes

When it comes to shoes—for running or cycling, fit is 90 percent of the battle in getting a comfortable and injury-free choice. The adidas TERREX Agravic Boa Trail Running Shoes use the unique Boa Fit System most seen on cycling shoes—to give these trail running trainers a precision-level fit. They are fast, featherweight, and offer a comfortable platform for off-road running in dry trail conditions.

I recently reviewed the new Suplest Cross-Country Edge+ Pro Mountain Biking Shoes on The comfort and performance of those shoes was exceptional—thanks to the clever carbon arch wrap support that the Boa Fit System delivered. With Boa now becoming more widely available on trail running shoes, and after a pleasing experience with adidas TERREX shoes in the past, I decided a pair of the new SS20 adidas TERREX Agravic Boa shoes were worth a shot…

The TERREX Agravic Boa shoes are sold as "light, fast, and stable trail running shoes—with the Boa Fit System for a person…