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Kit Focus – NATRUE Skincare Products

Looking after yourself and looking after the planet should not be two distinct pursuits. The products we choose to purchase for our daily lives and adventures have a direct impact on us – when we use them; but their manufacture has a notable impact on the environment, before they even make it into our hands. Just as you would hopefully consider purchasing recycled clothing or sustainably sourced fabrics, I believe you should also consider nature in the cosmetics that you purchase to fill your bathroom cupboards and kit bags. NATRUE is the non-profit organisation behind the acclaimed international certification standard for natural and organic cosmetics: it sets strict criteria for third-party certification of natural and organic beauty products — to distinguish truly natural cosmetics from the myriad of nature-inspired products on the market, and to help consumers navigate through the 'greenwash' that is all too common in cosmetics.  So, what are the benefits of natural cosmeti