Road Marathons. Mountain Marathons. Self-Inflicted 'Marathons'. These are stories of travelling by foot, with hopefully some speed.

Challenge the Wight — A Marathon Run from the Sun

'Challenge the Wight' proved to be so much more than I had anticipated; both in terms of enjoyment and result. What a beautiful way to experience the Isle of Wight in a completely different light (or lack of it).
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The Original Mountain Marathon 2016 — 'Bog Bashing'

'Running' perhaps isn't the only adjective that should be used to describe taking on the OMM in the Galloway Mountains, Scotland. You should also add 'Climbing', 'Scrambling', 'Hiking' and most definitely 'Bog Bashing' to the list; it is a running orienteering event of pretty extreme proportions...
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