Words from the waves. These are stories of sea kayaking expeditions and exploits; tales of day-paddles, micro-adventures, and multi-day trips.

Sea kayaking provides the opportunity for me to chase a horizon that has always fascinated me... the ocean.

Expedition Plans — The Non-Stop Round the Isle of Wight Kayak

Plans are taking shape for the 95 kilometres non-stop kayak around the Isle of Wight, to raise money for the Ellen MacArthur Children's Cancer Trust. The challenge will take around 15 hours of paddling, and will be a challenge like no other I have taken on before.

Chasing New Horizons — Sea Kayaking Initiations

How it all began—the motivations and feelings for rekindling my love of the ocean waves, from the seat of a kayak. Sea kayaking is an exciting new adventure for me, with many new learnings and areas to explore.
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Expedition Plans — Non-Stop Round the Isle of Wight Kayak

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