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Kit Focus – 361 Degrees Taroko 2 Trail Running Shoes

The Taroko 2 Trail Running Shoes from Chinese brand 361 Degrees are the latest innovative all-terrain running shoes to come out of their highly acclaimed research lab. I had a positive experience with the 361 Yushan trail shoes, so I was keen to test out this new release… Last year, I ran my first off-road marathon in a pair of 361 Degrees Yushan Trail Shoes—they did well… I took line honours, without a single blister or injury, despite having never run further than 25 kilometres before. Since then those shoes have done many runs and races, including last year's Original Mountain Marathon . The OMM was what finally killed the Yushans. Scotland's bogs give shoes a real beating. Since then, I have been lusting after another pair. Then, earlier this year 361 Degrees released the new Taroko 2 trail shoes. I could not resist… 361° was founded in 2003 and has quickly grown to become one of the biggest sports brands in China. Their philosophy is to deliver high-quality runni