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Kit Focus – KitBrix Modular Rugged Outdoor Kit Bags

No Fuss. Just Organised Kit. For me, the KitBrix strap-line is one that resonates loud and clear. Sloppy kit leads to mistakes, wasted effort, and sometimes even failure; I have experienced my fair share of these and learnt that kit organisation is one of the essential elements of exploration, expeditions, and general outdoor pursuits.  KitBrix bags are made for the meticulous kit organiser. With a solid base, waterproof lining, multiple zippered pockets, and the ability to zip many bags together to create an organised kit stack; these bags are a dream for those that like to have a place for everything, and everything in its place. I have been using KitBrix bags for several years for organisation on photoshoots, sailing holidays, and overseas travel. It is with my recent commitment to open water swimming though that I have really seen the design benefits of these great robust cube-shaped bags. Open water swimming in December is cold. A wetsuit and your physical effort keep you warm w