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The #WildWight Challenge — 'Failure Is a Step to Success'

Life is nothing if not a series of challenges. Challenge keeps you alive and kicking: pushing boundaries and training hard, so you can kick down doors that would otherwise be left firmly shut. One of the hardest parts of a challenge though, is gauging where to set the bar. Too high, and you will not achieve. Too low, and it is not truly a challenge. The #WildWight was an adventure challenge of a new kind; for both myself, and for my trek buddy Fraser. It was ambitious… 114 kilometres of fast hiking over two days, with a lot of elevation. I have done long treks, but nothing quite to this level. It was achievable, but unfortunately on this attempt it proved to be a bar too high… We began at 06:30 at Ryde Pier. The sun was coming up, and a strong westerly wind was immediately in our faces as we turned onto the Coastal Path that we would follow for the duration of the day. Past Quarr Abbey, through Wootton, and onwards to East Cowes. The time passed quickly as we chatted about a