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Kit Focus – CEP Tall Compression Running Socks

Can a pair of running socks warrant a £44.95 price tag? 'The Run Sock' from CEP Sports does, in my opinion. Featuring medical grade compression technology, a second-skin fit to avoid blisters, and anatomically padded zones for improved comfort; these high-end running socks are my go-to for all long distance runs. The Run Compression Socks from CEP Sports use a proven blend of high-wicking yarns, which are designed to body-map to your foot's shape; this significantly reduces moisture build up and fabric wrinkles, both of which tend to encourage blisters when running. Targeted medical grade compression technology wraps around the calves and helps to keep blood circulating to your lower legs. Improved circulation helps extend endurance and improve recovery. In tandem, this compression technology reduces muscular vibrations that happen while running; significantly reducing the chance of shin-splints and muscular fatigue. The compression fit also stabilises your locomotor syste

Photo Log — A Year of Kayaking Highlights

Whenever I venture out in one of my sea kayaks, I complete a hand written logbook with details of the voyage. There is something very special about reading back through the journal on a dark winter evening, and recalling the adventures. In this blog post, I thought I would do the same with a pictorial log of some of my waterborne adventures of 2022. These paddles were all undertaken from my home port of Bembridge Harbour, and they ranged in length from 15 to 50 kilometres.  The trend if for blue skies and calm seas – that wasn't always the case on my sea kayak outings, but it does lend itself to a steadier hand and a better photo; there were plenty of rough and salt spray soaked days on the water as well, they just didn't make this photo blog... Luccombe Bay – March 2022 Luccombe Bay – March 2022 The Witterings (UK Mainland) – May 2022 Shanklin Bay – June 2022 Osbourne Bay – August 2022 Priory Bay – September 2022 Bembridge Low Tide – October 2022