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Nutrition — Whole Food Protein Recovery Granola Yoghurt Pots

The more endurance sport and expeditions you do, the more you realise that "sports nutrition" is not necessarily the answer. Adopting a whole-food diet, with recipes like these Whole Food Granola Yoghurt Pots provides not only a tastier post-activity treat, but also a healthier alternative to processed sports supplements. Protein shakes and bars have their place—they are convenience foods, for occasions when you really do not have time. Much like convenience pre-packaged meals though, they are not a sustainable solution for good long-term nutrition—something that is vital to getting results in endurance sport and long distance expeditions. Whole foods, by definition, are foods made with minimal processing; they have not been tampered with or modified to make them longer lasting or to make them packable. Whole foods are made with ingredients that are as close as possible to their natural state. Minimal processing of food substances has multiple advantages: The natura

Kit Focus — SatMap Active 20 GPS Mapping Navigation Device

I have always had a love of maps. I can sit for hours looking at the contours, colours, and trail lines; imagining the landscape that they represent. For me, maps are adventure art; but they are also an essential tool for exploration. The SatMap Active 20 GPS is my latest investment into mapping, and as a portable highly-accurate and versatile handheld mapping device, it is a superb companion. For cycling, maps exist on many of the leading brands' computer units, but for the most part if you take them into really back-and-beyond destinations and they will fail to show you the true lay of the land—unable to show you the topography, geology, or small but potentially critical features like stream or bogs. These smaller but critical details about the composition of the landscape are what can make or break hiking, running, and biking adventures. The best way to identify with them, before it gets too late, is to consult an Ordnance Survey map or similar international variant. The

Kit Focus — Runderwear Sports Underwear

April 1st has long past—this is not a joke. It is a genuine kit focus, on the great running and hiking underwear from Runderwear. The seamless boxers and briefs have been my chosen option on events such as the Original Mountain Marathon , and #WildWight Hike . No more chafing. Cyclists soon learn that 'going commando' is by far the best option with bib shorts. The chafing from the seams of traditional boxer shorts does not bear thinking about. What about running and hiking though? Admittedly when you are cycling you are sitting directly on any seams, but when running or hiking you are still put at a pretty elevated risk of chafing from the repetitive motion of the exercise. You could go commando, but that poses a whole host of other potential problems. The seamless underwear from Runderwear has become my solution—the security and warmth of underwear, but without the discomfort. I have tested the briefs and the boxers and found them incredibly comfortable. The seamless t

Kit Focus — Arcade Belts Smartweave Adventure Belt

It might seem a strange thing to review and feature a belt on an expedition adventure site, but in truth it is one component of clothing that can make a fundamental difference to comfort on long hikes and adventure activities. The Arcade Belts brand specialises in producing 'adventure worthy' belts, which are also smart enough for your daily routine. The Smartweave Hudson belt has become my go-to travel belt. The concept behind Arcade Belts is that a belt should be a device that adds to the comfort and fit of everyday and outdoor sports trousers; it should not feel restrictive or restraining, but just keep your trousers in place whatever activities you venture into. The Arcade belts are made from webbing that has natural rubber interwoven into its strands, to provide a super stretchy waistband. It is exceptionally durable, very stretchy, lightweight, and water resistant; meaning you can go anywhere, and push your boundaries, without feeling restrained. The Hudson model