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Kit Focus – VE Water Shoes for Open Water Swimming

My local beach is a deserted pebble strewn strip of coast; whilst it is a pleasure to swim at, it can be a little rough on your feet. Open water swimming socks don't quite cut it for sole protection, but wetsuit boots seem a little overkill; so, I recently went searching for a compromise between the two, and discovered VE Water Shoes. Made to be super lightweight and flexible, VE Water Shoes have a quick-drying breathable upper, with a flexible rubber sole that provides protection and grip on many surfaces. They are easy to get on and off, but they also have a snug fit, so they don't fall off when you are swimming. The flexibility and lightweight materials make the VE Shoes super packable, and you can easily stash them into a bag or pocket when you head to the beach. I have also used them as lightweight shoes on camping trips, sailing adventures and sea kayaking expeditions. Founded by Victoria and Emma, just down the coast from the Isle of Wight in Dorset, this great local bra