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Kit Focus – adidas TERREX Agravic Boa Trail Running Shoes

When it comes to shoes—for running or cycling, fit is 90 percent of the battle in getting a comfortable and injury-free choice. The adidas TERREX Agravic Boa Trail Running Shoes use the unique Boa Fit System most seen on cycling shoes—to give these trail running trainers a precision-level fit. They are fast, featherweight, and offer a comfortable platform for off-road running in dry trail conditions. I recently reviewed the new Suplest Cross-Country Edge+ Pro Mountain Biking Shoes on . The comfort and performance of those shoes was exceptional—thanks to the clever carbon arch wrap support that the Boa Fit System delivered. With Boa now becoming more widely available on trail running shoes, and after a pleasing experience with adidas TERREX shoes in the past, I decided a pair of the new SS20 adidas TERREX Agravic Boa shoes were worth a shot… The TERREX Agravic Boa shoes are sold as " light, fast, and stable trail running shoes—with the Boa Fit System for