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Clean Expeditions – The Zero Waste Mentality

The above photo was taken on the #KayakRTI —if you look closely, you will see a drogue net streaming out behind the support boat—a side project to the 90 kilometre sea kayaking challenge was to gain a greater understanding of the pollution in the waters around the Isle of Wight; as well as create content that promoted a 'zero waste' attitude to outdoor adventure and life. We went fishing for plastic… The sea pollution sampling project on the Round the Isle of Wight Kayak was the start of a notable change in my personal mentality towards waste and recycling. I have long been an advocate of recycling and reusing materials, and making the sustainable choice; but researching and then seeing the extent of pollution in my local waters, and knowing also of the level of roadside and landfill waste, motivated a conscious personal decision to adopt a 'Zero Waste' mentality to expeditions and life in general. Zero Waste for me, means minimising wherever and whenever possib