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Kit Focus – Goodr Running Sunglasses

Goodr are "recklessly committed to fun... BLAH, BLAH, BLAH sunglasses" . For me, running has always just been about having fun — these polarised sunglasses are the perfect match. Duuude. Where are my sunglasses?! Running should be simple… Grab a pair of shoes, preferably pull on some clothes, and then head out the door. Forest Gump has long been my favourite film; his mantra " I just ran, and ran, and kept on running " is something I hold true to life in general, as well as my attitude towards running. Goodr are an American brand created by fun — with colourful and well-priced polarised sunglasses that allow you to do fun runs in the sun. The sunglasses are lightweight, have strong gripper arms, and are very well priced for polarised sunglasses. They are a great solution for travel and running adventures. My choice of sunglasses for running and life's expeditions. >> Shop Goodr Sunglasses at here << Goodr provide