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Kit Focus – SPOT X Bluetooth 2-Way Satellite Messenger and Tracker

The SPOT X Bluetooth 2-Way Satellite Messenger and Tracker is a lifeline for expedition adventurers. It offers two-way communication through text and email, position tracking, a quick 'check-in' facility, and an SOS distress functionality. All these things can add comfort and safety to your adventures and travels. When I plan and execute any expedition, I stick to a 4C's plan – Care, Comfort, Communication, and Contingency. Care – This starts with careful and thorough planning of an expedition and continues with a careful and sensible approach to all aspects of its execution. Comfort – This does not mean opting for luxury, but considering comfort over potential discomfort or distress. For example, if you are wild camping in sub-zero temperatures, take the right season sleeping bag rather than opting for a summer season one to save weight—it could save you from hypothermia. Communication – Aim to keep communication as constant and flowing as possible at all times.

Kit Focus – Sea to Summit Cool Grip X-Mug and X-Tumbler

Enamel mugs are cute and cool, but they are not the most practical coffee cup—they are a bit bulky and rather poor at insulating your beverage. The new X-Mug and X-Tumbler from Sea to Summit are a more modern and functional drinking cup—a better hands-on solution. The X-Tumbler (360ml) and X-Mug (480ml) use heat resistant, BPA-free food-grade silicone in a concertina construction with a rigid rim; to create an easy to drink from mug that folds down to just 15mm thick. The unique Cool Grip technology on the X-Mug and X-Tumbler helps to insulate your beverage (hot or cold) while keeping your fingers from burning or freezing at the same time. Compact, convenient, and unbreakable. The X-Mug and X-Tumbler from Sea to Summit are a more space-efficient and modern alternative to the classic enamel coffee cup. >> Available from