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Kit Focus — Ledlenser ML6 Rechargable LED Lantern

For camping adventures and kayaking expeditions, the Ledlenser ML6 Rechargeable LED Lantern is an invaluable asset; providing an adaptable and powerful light source that is perfect for illuminating your surroundings in the campsite or on the water. The ML6 lantern replaces the CalorGas laterns that were so popular in camping adventures of the past. With eight lighting functions, including a red reading light, it is a versatile way to light up the night. It also has the advantage it can be used as a power bank for recharging other electronics in camp. The lantern can be hung by the rubberised hook, stood on the rubber base, or fixed to a metal surface using the integrated magnets. Once firmly in place, the unit provides anything from 20 lumens to 750 lumens on the range of functions; which include Blink, Boost, Low Power, High Power, Pulse, S.O.S, Strobe and Dimmable light outputs. The LED lantern is water resistant, so it will deal with downpours and wave splashes if you are us