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Kit Focus — Nookie Storm Jacket Kayaking Cag / Smock

With my re-introduction to sea kayaking, I have discovered that a kayaking cag jacket is one of the most basic pieces of sea kayaking equipment that you should invest in. The Nookie Storm Jacket is as advanced as a kayaking smock comes though—providing the ultimate foul weather protection when paddling. It is my personal choice for kayaking adventures like my upcoming non-stop 95 kilometre #KayakRTI.

A kayaking cag jacket is far different from a sailing jacket, cycling jacket, or outdoor waterproof; it is a purpose designed piece of apparel, which when combined with a spray deck completely seals you into your kayak.

I have tested many of the industry leading cycling and trekking waterproof jackets, and subsequently I am well learned in the developments in fabrics, seam construction, and the design features that you should look out for when purchasing a top quality waterproof. Many of these sought after attributes carry over to water sports jackets; and it was with this knowledge in …

Expedition Plans — Non-Stop Round the Isle of Wight Kayak

Last November I rekindled a past passion of mine—sea kayaking. I purchased a 17.5 foot expedition level sea kayak and began paddling; reacquainting myself with the freedom of skimming along the surface of the water, using just your own willpower and strength for propulsion.

There was one objective, one thought, which lay in the back of my mind from the moment the first paddle stroke cut through the water… how far can I go? Much as my bike expeditions have previously taken me over many new horizons, I wanted to see where this new horizon would lead.

I set myself an objective… to kayak non-stop around the Isle of Wight during the summer of 2019. I have cycled and sailed round the Island more times than I can count, but the 95 kilometre route by kayak would be a whole new challenge, and the first of many new all-day horizon explorations.

I began training in the depths of winter; layered up like an onion, using a rag-tag bunch of cycling kit and sailing kit to try and provide protection …

Kit Focus — Restrap Bicycle Touring Panniers

Over the course of numerous long distance bike tours, I have refined and modified my luggage selection. My solution for road and gravel tours is a handlebar bag, frame bag, and two small rear panniers. The release of the new Restrap Small Panniers means this complete collection could now come from the Yorkshire brand; and that is exciting…

Restrap have a genuine passion for the products they create for bikepacking and bicycle touring. Their products are made by hand in their Yorkshire factory, and finished with innovative touches like their magnetic buckles and super strong webbing straps. Their handlebar bag and/or frame bag have come with me on all of my long distance tours to date; including the #CoastsandCols, #7Countries7Passes, and the #RoadsFromRome. These new Restrap panniers are highly likely to come on this year's big tour… (more details of that coming soon).

The Restrap panniers use a classic roll-top design, secured with Restrap's patented magnetic clips. Made fr…