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XPDTN3 Dolomites — Bikepacking Italian Giants

Boundaries were made to be broken. Comfort zones made to be crushed. The full story of the XPDTN3 Dolomites is available at , but here is a short sommario of the three days of diverse and incredible riding on the Italian Dolomite Giara… The idea for this adventure was born last summer, when at the end of the #5MaratonasChallenge  my host Igor Tavella from Holimites gave me the GPX file for a ' wild card ride ', which took me on several sections of gravel road — it opened my mind to a great opportunity… Igor said that when I returned to the mountain range I should bring a gravel bike; so that we could further explore these ' roads less travelled '; roads that can take you high above the asphalt, onto the plateau of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The idea of a three day adventure was born: starting from Badia, we would complete a figure of eight loop of gravel passes and paths in the Alta Badia region; stopping overnight at two remote alpine rifugio