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The OMM Kit List Tim Wiggins
The Original Mountain Marathon (OMM) is a two day ultra-running orienteering event, hosted every October in a remote and hostile landscape. Self-sufficient teams of two must navigate between hidden markers, and camp out overnight in the wilderness. This is a challenge of endurance; pushing both physical and mental limits. Here is what I am packing...

I first ran the Original Mountain Marathon in 2016, on the moors and mountains of Galloway. The weather was bleak, but both my running partner and I relished the challenge. You can read more about that first edition here.

This year, we are making a return.

When you sign up for The OMM you can pick either the Line Course or the Points Course. This year we have chosen the 'A' Line Course; a set order of checkpoints that you have to visit, totalling a route distance of 65 kilometres, with 3000 metres of height gain over the two days. In 2016, we completed the Medium Points Course; where you visit as many points as possible in an 11 hour total time limit. On both course options you camp out overnight, and you only receive the map containing the checkpoint locations on the start-line of each day.

We learnt a lot about kit following our 2016 run. In this post, I provide a low-down of the equipment I will be taking to the Scottish Largs coast, for the 52nd edition of The OMM.

Stay tuned on Instagram (@tim_wiggins1) for live coverage from the event, and check back here on for a post-event write-up. 


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  6. Thank you for sharing. my friend and I are looking to follow in your footsteps. I was wondering what is the ballpark cost of your setup?

    1. Total weight would be great too. Thank you.


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