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Expedition Fuel — Endurance Nutrition from FUEL10K

Correctly fuelling for an endurance expedition is one of the toughest logistical challenges you will face. Unsupported, you need to find lightweight nutritious meals and snacks to keep your body functioning at its best throughout your adventure. The range of products from UK brand FUEL10K is one of the most innovative, natural, and nutritious collections of endurance nutrition products that I have tried to date; perfect for multi-day kayaking expeditions and bikepacking adventures. FUEL10K Complete Meal Leading the charge is the latest release from FUEL10K—'The Complete Meal'. When on endurance expeditions I try my best to eat fresh local produce; but there are times when that is simply not possible—due to the remoteness of your location or the inability to carry a heavy weight or quantity of produce. Freeze-dried meals are one choice, but recently I have been researching and considering the benefits of liquid meal replacements—FUEL10K's Complete Meal has risen to the

Kit Focus — Tilley TWS1 Paddler's Brimmed Hat

A Tilley TWS1 Paddler's Hat is an investment. It is adventure headwear that will keep you comfortable and protected from the elements for a lifetime of paddling, sailing, and hiking pursuits. As far as brimmed sun hats go, there is nothing that will beat a Tilley. I have always been a huge advocate of proper sun protection—having seen far too many sailors and family members suffer from sun damaged skin. A brimmed hat like the Tilley TWS1 Paddler's Hat is unquestionably the best protection you can deploy for your face and neck—offering certified UPF50+ sun protection, glare protection, and temperature regulation. On sweltering summer days, the Tilley Paddler's Hat supplies comfort thanks to the broad shading brim—with its unique hunter green under-brim to reduce water glare. Ventilation is plentiful too, thanks to the back vent and vent grommets; whilst perspiration is kept from dripping into your eyes by the soft wicking sweatband. On windy and wet days, the Tilley T