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Kit Focus – Helinox Chair Seat Warmer and Vibram Ball Feet

A few months back I reviewed the fantastic Helinox Chair Zero . The super lightweight camping chair has fast become a vital accessory for all my adventures by land or sea; supplying comfort and relaxation after strenuous challenges. This product is near perfect for its intended use, but I recently discovered two additions that can improve its functionality and comfort even further: the Helinox Vibram Ball Feet—to stop the chair sinking into soft ground; and the Helinox Seat Warmer—for extra comfort in colder temperatures. Vibram® Ball Feet (45 mm) I have been using the Helinox Chair Zero for kayaking and hiking adventures; it is perfect for beach stopovers and resting your legs with a flask of coffee at the top of a big hill. The problem I discovered a few times on such rest stops though, was that I had a bit of a sinking feeling… I am not a heavyweight, but on soft sand and mud there is a tendency for the feet of your Helinox chair to sink into the ground; something that make