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Kit Focus — Eco-Friendly Expedition Eating / Drinking Essentials from Stanley, Camelbak and Humangear

By their nature, expeditions mean you are on the move — away from home kitchen comforts. Yet, with a bit of preparation it does not mean you need rely on single-use disposable plastics or takeaways.

This set of products from Stanley, Camelbak, and Humangear is a set-up I use to ensure I am as self-sufficient and eco-conscious as possible on my daily or lengthy expeditions.

Review — Camelbak Hot Cap Vacuum Insulated Travel Mug Not all reusable travel mugs are made equal. The Camelbak Hot Cap Vacuum Insulated Travel Mug is one of the best I have used.

The compact design uses Camelbak's patented 360 degree drinking Hot Cap. You unscrew the inner seal on the top, and then you can drink from any side of the mug — ideal for a quick drink mid kayak or trek. The Hot Cap also comes apart for easy cleaning.

At 400 ml the Hot Cap Mug is an adequate size for a medium takeaway coffee from most major chains, and it is a good size for making a drink at home that you want to take it with you.