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Kit Focus — Aquapac Extreme Pro DockSystem Waterproof Phone and VHF Cases

I have been using Aquapac waterproof phone cases for years. I bought the first one over 20 years ago when I started sailing, and have since been using them in preference to other waterproof phone and VHF cases. The quality of Aquapac's seals and materials are far superior to the competition, in my experience. So, whilst many phones and handheld VHF radios are now submersible, a waterproof case like those from Aquapac is still an essential piece of kit to protect your electronics from salt corrosion, dust, and mud. The new Aquapac Pro series is a great development of the already well-refined product. The critical difference is the new Pro DockSystem, which allows you to clip the case to belts, rucksack straps, fixed mounting points, and even handlebars. It allows you to store the case easily and safely, without the need for tethers, pockets, or pouches. For kayaking, sailing, hiking, and even cycling, this new product development is an excellent feature. The DockSystem uses a