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Kit Focus – VOITED Outdoor Drycoat Fleece Change Robe

Throughout the 2020-21 wintertime I kept up a ritual of open-water sea swimming at least once per week. In the depths of January this became a frigid affair at best; multiple times I lost feeling in my hands and feet as I stripped off my wetsuit on the exposed beaches of the Isle of Wight. The experience, whilst exhilarating, got me searching for any means of retaining body warmth both during and after my open water excursions. The new DryCoat Change Robe from Voited is a fantastic asset for cold water swimmers, surfers, kayakers and sailors. Fleece-lined changing robes are a common sight on beaches and in coastal car parks now, but the Voited DryCoat takes outdoor comfort to the next level. The DryCoat has a waterproof outer material that shields you from the wind and spray. On the inside, there is a microfleece lining that quickly dries you and wicks away moisture. The lower back then features a CloudTouch™ insulation panel to supply added comfort and warmth for your vulnerable core