Kit Focus – 361 KAIROS 2 Stability Running Shoes

361 KAIROS 2 Stability Running Shoes
361 Degrees has consistently been my preferred brand for running shoes, and the latest addition to their lineup, the Kairos 2, lives up to the high standards I've come to expect. This new model introduces a fresh platform for 361, incorporating innovative technologies, sustainable fabrics, and the impressive Engage foam cushioning system.

Progressive Upper Design

The Kairos 2 features a progressive upper fabric design that enhances breathability, comfort, and overall durability. Another standout feature is the 'pressure-free tongue,' a signature element in many 361 shoes, providing a super-soft nylon gusset that eliminates pressure points on the upper foot. 

Inside the uppers, the tried-and-tested Otholite® X-40 insole ensures excellent moisture management and breathability. Additionally, new supportive medial and lateral quarter heel welds at the rear of the shoes enhance ankle support upon impact.

Exciting Platform Design

The platform design takes an exciting step forward in stability running shoes. The new platform delivers a seamless traction thanks to a wider base net in the mid foot for a more balanced and supportive ride. 

The Engage foam in the midsole not only provides exceptional cushioning for long miles but also boasts improved bounce-back recovery, ensuring a faster return to its natural state compared to normal EVA foam; this feature significantly contributes to maintaining running efficiency, solidifying the Kairos 2's reputation as a top-tier stability running shoe.

Durable Sole

The outsole, made from natural rubber, offers a high level of traction and durability. Additionally, a higher density outsole on the medial side further supports the runner's gait, minimising the risk of injury.

An Environmentally Conscious Top-Performer

By incorporating cutting-edge technologies in fabrics and midsole design, the Kairos 2 stands out as an exceptionally comfortable and reliable running shoe for extended distances. Its cushioned feel, secure fit, and grippy sole make it a standout choice. 

Moreover, the environmentally conscious aspects, such as the use of 70% recycled materials in the uppers and Engage foam made from recycled CO2 extracted from industrial waste, underscore the brand's commitment to reduced environmental impact.

In summary, the Kairos 2 is a comfortable, fast, and durable stability running shoe that consistently performs. It has been a reliable companion for many winter runs.

361 KAIROS 2 Stability Running Shoes

361 KAIROS 2 Stability Running Shoes

361 KAIROS 2 Stability Running Shoes

361 KAIROS 2 Stability Running Shoes

Disclaimer: A pair of 361 KAIROS 2 Stability Running Shoes was supplied for test and review


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