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Kit Focus – 361 Degrees Nemesis 2 Stability Running Shoes

In it for the long run. The 361 Nemesis 2 are stability running shoes designed for experience runners who want extra support and cushioning for long endurance runs. I have been testing them out over 300 kilometres of mixed surface running and have found them to be one of the most supportive and comfortable pairs of running shoes I have used to date. I have had a great experience with the 361° brand over the last few years; using their Yushan trail shoes to complete my first off-road marathon, as well as training for many miles on the road in the Strata 3 road running shoes. The Nemesis 2 comes from good company therefore, and I was excited to see how they performed on longer endurance runs, primarily on the road. The 361° Nemesis 2 is a stability shoe suitable for runners that have a high tendency to overpronate. It is a proven classic; with the original 1.0 model a popular everyday trainer; with the extended medial post providing a secure and supportive ride for mid to long-dist