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NATRUE Skincare Products

Looking after yourself and looking after the planet should not be two distinct pursuits. The products we choose to purchase for our daily lives and adventures have a direct impact on us – when we use them; but their manufacture has a notable impact on the environment, before they even make it into our hands.

Just as you would hopefully consider purchasing recycled clothing or sustainably sourced fabrics, I believe you should also consider nature in the cosmetics that you purchase to fill your bathroom cupboards and kit bags.

NATRUE is the non-profit organisation behind the acclaimed international certification standard for natural and organic cosmetics: it sets strict criteria for third-party certification of natural and organic beauty products — to distinguish truly natural cosmetics from the myriad of nature-inspired products on the market, and to help consumers navigate through the 'greenwash' that is all too common in cosmetics. 

So, what are the benefits of natural cosmetics for our planet?

Natural and organic cosmetics represent a sustainable option for anyone wanting to protect and promote our natural resources, our oceans, and our soils. Over 1,600 certified raw materials are approved on the NATRUE database to help manufacturers to develop products that are more sustainable – such as certified palm oil to protect endangered habitats – or with lower environmental impact with the use of biodegradable surfactants and without the use of micro-plastics. At their core, all products carrying the NATRUE label focus on renewable ingredients such as plant oils, rather than on ingredients derived from fossil fuels.

Many people choose natural and organic cosmetics for personal wellbeing reasons, as they are seen as a more holistic choice or because they want to steer away from synthetic ingredients if they have certain sensitivities. Now, thankfully, there is growing consumer interest in using fewer finite raw materials, and supporting farmers, producers and communities to source renewable materials around the world. Natural cosmetics are the best long-term choice for us and for the planet.

I have long been an advocate of the Weleda range of NATRUE labelled products; using their Arnica products to soothe aching muscles after long expeditions, and their skincare products to rejuvenate tired hands and body after long days in the wind and sun. More recently, I have also been enjoying some other NATRUE products such as the Lavera range of men's skincare and the Ben&Anna range of natural toothpastes.

Just as you aim to 'leave no trace' on your adventures in the wilderness – hiking, cycling, kayaking or trail running, this 'International Day of Natural Cosmetics' (23rd November 2022), consider the impact you have on the environment around you, from the everyday products that you use.

Read more on this topic in my post 'Clean Expeditions – The Zero Waste Mentality'

Weleda Skincare Products


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