Kit Focus — Tilley TWS1 Paddler's Brimmed Hat

Review Tilley TWS1 Paddlers Hat
A Tilley TWS1 Paddler's Hat is an investment. It is adventure headwear that will keep you comfortable and protected from the elements for a lifetime of paddling, sailing, and hiking pursuits. As far as brimmed sun hats go, there is nothing that will beat a Tilley.

I have always been a huge advocate of proper sun protection—having seen far too many sailors and family members suffer from sun damaged skin. A brimmed hat like the Tilley TWS1 Paddler's Hat is unquestionably the best protection you can deploy for your face and neck—offering certified UPF50+ sun protection, glare protection, and temperature regulation.

On sweltering summer days, the Tilley Paddler's Hat supplies comfort thanks to the broad shading brim—with its unique hunter green under-brim to reduce water glare. Ventilation is plentiful too, thanks to the back vent and vent grommets; whilst perspiration is kept from dripping into your eyes by the soft wicking sweatband.

On windy and wet days, the Tilley TWS1 Paddler's Hat continues to excel. The extra-stiff brim, with its plastic wiring, holds its shape even through stormy conditions; while the water-repellent Schoeller fabric protects you from wind and spray. When conditions are really demanding, you can use the wind cord to hold the hat in place and snap up the sides to create added stability.

As the sun dips below the horizon, the Paddler's Hat helps with visibility; thanks to the reflective elements in the cinch cord, and the sharp contrast colours available (I love my yellow one—it matches 'Big Yellow').

If you do happen to drop a Paddler's Hat overboard, then be reassured that it will float thanks to the foam in the brim and crown. It will dry out quickly too, with its lightweight Schoeller fabrics.

Made by hand in Canada. Exceedingly comfortable. A faultless performer. 

The Tilley TWS1 Paddler's Hat has become my trusty companion for all kayaking expeditions.

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Tilley TWS1 Paddler's Brimmed Hat

Tilley TWS1 Paddler's Brimmed Hat

Tilley TWS1 Paddler's Brimmed Hat

Tilley TWS1 Paddler's Brimmed Hat

Tilley provided The Expedition Journals with a TWS1 Paddler's Hat for test and review


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