Kit Focus — Eco-Friendly Expedition Eating / Drinking Essentials from Stanley, Camelbak and Humangear

Eco-Friendly Expedition Cookware
By their nature, expeditions mean you are on the move — away from home kitchen comforts. Yet, with a bit of preparation it does not mean you need rely on single-use disposable plastics or takeaways.

This set of products from Stanley, Camelbak, and Humangear is a set-up I use to ensure I am as self-sufficient and eco-conscious as possible on my daily or lengthy expeditions.

Review — Camelbak Hot Cap Vacuum Insulated Travel Mug

Camelbak Insulated Mug
Not all reusable travel mugs are made equal. The Camelbak Hot Cap Vacuum Insulated Travel Mug is one of the best I have used.

The compact design uses Camelbak's patented 360 degree drinking Hot Cap. You unscrew the inner seal on the top, and then you can drink from any side of the mug — ideal for a quick drink mid kayak or trek. The Hot Cap also comes apart for easy cleaning.

At 400 ml the Hot Cap Mug is an adequate size for a medium takeaway coffee from most major chains, and it is a good size for making a drink at home that you want to take it with you.

One of the best things about the Camelbak Hot Cap Vacuum Mug is that it is the perfect size for a bike bottle cage. I use a simple neoprene jacket around the mug to stop it rattling; but then it fits into my standard metal bottle cages with ease — providing a great way to take a warm drink with you on a winter ride.

Do not rely on takeaway mugs and leaky cups for hot drinks on the go; whether on daily treks or long expeditions, the Camelbak Hot Cap Vacuum Mug is a far better alternative.

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Review — Stanley Classic Vacuum 24oz. Food Flask

Stanley Classic Food Flask
The Stanley Classic Vacuum Food Bottle is a legend in the world of warm food transportation, and is built to withstand anything an adventurer (or builder) can throw at it.

The tough exterior protects a 24oz internal chamber — allowing you to transport soup, chilli, or stews, without any fear of leaks. The wide open mouth allows you to easily get a (long) spoon into the flask, or you can use the top cap as a bowl.

This flask is fantastic for winter treks, or cold water kayaking expeditions. A warming lunch can make a huge difference to comfort and performance; making this a superb investment heading into the cold months.

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Review — Humangear GoTubb Food Storage Containers

Humangear GoTubb Storage Tubs
One of the best snacks for expeditions and adventures is trail mix; the nuts contains protein and good fats, while the fruit contains slow release fructose sugars and fibre. Trail mix is best made up in bulk, and not bought in tiny takeaway plastic packets from cafés or convenience stores.

Humangear's GoTubb is a great solution to transporting your home-made trail mix from home; and when it is empty, it can be filled up in shops with self-service refill stations for nuts and fruit (such as Lidl, in the UK). The large GoTubb is 170cc, and comes in a two pack; they are food-safe, completely recyclable, and 100% BPA-free. Yes, it is plastic; but that results in a lightweight and exceptionally durable container that is easy to clean and re-use repeatedly.

These are a great way to transport your trail nutrition.

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Review — Humangear GoBites Trio Eating Utensils

Humangear Trio Eating Utensils
Takeaway plastic forks and spoons are one of the worst kinds of single-use plastic; infrequently recycled, and normally useless in strength and functionality. Carrying a set of Humangear GoBites eating utensils is a superb eco-friendly eating solution; whether on daily travels or month-long expeditions.

The Humangear GoBites Trio comes in a neat little storage case — helping to keep things hygienic when you travel. The kit contains a spoon, fork, knife, and a toothpick. The spoon is deep enough to slurp soup, the fork is strong enough to stab fruit, and the knife is sharp enough to cut meat. The toothpick is handy for post-meal dental hygiene, and the knife also has an integrated bottle opener for afternoon refreshments.

Some may recoil at the sight of plastic being used for these eating utensils; but the Trio is made from strong and durable plastic that should last for years. From my experience, your expensive camping pots and pans will also be grateful of plastic over metal eating utensils. These are a great accessory to have in any adventure kit.

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These four products are great gift ideas for any adventurer. They are as useful in your daily routine as they are on a back of beyond expedition. All superbly designed and made, they should be reliable companions.


  1. I am always so happy entering your blog, everything is very useful. Whn it comes to cleaning I think I mostly use bicarbonate and lemon juice for all my stuff xD sometimes vinegar too... Imagine how my place smells :D

  2. I can sit for hours looking at the contours, colors, and trail lines; imagining the landscape that they represent. For me, maps are adventure art; but they are also an essential tool for exploration. The kit contains a spoon, fork, knife, and a toothpick. The spoon is deep enough to slurp soup, the fork is strong enough to stab fruit, and the knife is sharp enough to cut meat. eco friendly products store


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