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Review Nookie Storm Kayaking Cag Jacket
With my re-introduction to sea kayaking, I have discovered that a kayaking cag jacket is one of the most basic pieces of sea kayaking equipment that you should invest in. The Nookie Storm Jacket is as advanced as a kayaking smock comes though—providing the ultimate foul weather protection when paddling. It is my personal choice for kayaking adventures like my upcoming non-stop 95 kilometre #KayakRTI.

A kayaking cag jacket is far different from a sailing jacket, cycling jacket, or outdoor waterproof; it is a purpose designed piece of apparel, which when combined with a spray deck completely seals you into your kayak.

I have tested many of the industry leading cycling and trekking waterproof jackets, and subsequently I am well learned in the developments in fabrics, seam construction, and the design features that you should look out for when purchasing a top quality waterproof. Many of these sought after attributes carry over to water sports jackets; and it was with this knowledge in mind, and with recommendations from a number of experience sea kayakers, that my research led me to purchase the Nookie Storm Jacket.

The Storm Jacket is a new release from Cornwall (UK) based brand Nookie. It is designed to deal with the most extreme sea kayaking conditions; to keep you paddling in comfort, even through a winter squall.

The area of primary importance with any sea kayaking cag jacket is the waterproof seals. The Nookie Storm Jacket features a double tunnel waist seal, which envelops the spray deck to create a fully waterproof junction; the cinch tight Velcro tabs on the outer sleeve help to create a customised fit and improve comfort. On the wrists, Nookie have used latex inner seals with neoprene outer cuffs, to again provide double protection from water ingress. Finally, on the neck seal there is an adjustable neoprene seal (not 100% waterproof), to allow for adaptable ventilation or protection.

The neck seal is enclosed within the hood pod of the jacket—a real highlight of the design. The hood pod features a soft lined high-cut collar to help shelter you from the wind and spray. Then if conditions really deteriorate, you can deploy the high-visibility yellow storm hood, with its wired peak. With the hood up, and the collar fully zipped up, you are cocooned within the jacket, and well protected from even the worst weather.

The Nookie Storm Jacket is made from highly breathable and waterproof EvoTX 4-Ply Fabric. This robust and heavy-duty waterproof material is perfect for the rigours of sea kayaking, and whilst durable it is impressively capable at letting your body breathe and ventilate when you are putting in the effort. I have remained comfortable wearing the Storm Jacket even in mid-teens temperatures on springtime paddles.

Added details that contribute to making the Nookie Storm Jacket an exceptional design are things like the reflective logos and pocketing. There are reflective elements on the hood, collar, and chest of the jacket (although it should be noted the chest logo has started to peel off slightly on my jacket). Pocketing then comes in the form of a large draining chest pocket that can be reached through two front zippers; as well as a small sleeve pocket for easy-to-access essentials.

This jacket has revolutionised my paddling comfort. I started out trying to make do with an (expensive) cycling waterproof jacket; but it inevitably leaked and did not provide the protection I was looking for during winter outings. The Nookie Storm Jacket seals out the elements, and yet still lets you breathe and ventilate when you are working hard. It will definitely be on my shoulders, or in my dry bag, for all future paddling adventures.

View the Nookie Storm Kayaking Jacket at here

Review Nookie Storm Kayaking Cag Jacket

Review Nookie Storm Kayaking Cag Jacket

Review Nookie Storm Kayaking Cag Jacket

Review Nookie Storm Kayaking Cag Jacket


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