Kit Focus — Ledlenser Neo10R Headtorch

In the build-up to running the Challenge The Wight night time marathon, I went in search of the best head torch for night running. With great past experiences of the Ledlenser range, the Ledlenser NEO10NR Headtorch rose to the top of the selection list. This is my review.

The NEO10R is the range topping model in Ledlenser's NEO series; with a focusable beam providing an output of up to 600 lumens; a minimum run time of 10 hours, and a maximum burn time of 120 hours.

The head torch is a two-part design with a separate battery pack that sits at the rear of the head. The straps then run around the head; to provide a balanced and secure design for running and hiking. The unit is also IPX4 waterproof, so it is resistant to significant splashing and downpours.

The highlight of the NEO10R headtorch is the focusable beam, which allows you to refine the breadth and reach distance of the unit's output. On a close-quarters wide angle beam the beam distance is only 20 metres on low power; but on high power with the beam concentrated, the light will reach 150 metres ahead of you on the trail. This adaptability and power are incredibly useful for trail running and hiking; when you want to toggle between illuminating the ground right in front of you and the capability to spot signs or obstacles far ahead on the trail.

Another neat accessory that comes with the NEO10R is the chest strap mount, which is designed for use when group running; casting a lower beam that does not interfere with eye-level vision. The battery pack also features a blinking red tail-light, to help with rear-facing visibility in traffic and when running with others.

The Ledlenser NEO10R is superbly designed, and robustly made (it still only weighs 170 grams). It has survived numerous knocks, drops and downpours during testing, and continues to function perfectly. It is comfortable and secure to wear and does not feel overly cumbersome or restrictive in use.

The NEO10R performed superbly on the Challenge The Wight event, just as other Ledlenser products that I have tested have done so in the past. No doubt, this is a market-leading head torch design.

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