Kit Focus – Zone3 Yulex® Recycled Fabric Open Water Swimwear

Zone3 Yulex swim range
Neoprene has long triumphed in water sports as the fabric of choice; providing warmth, a four-way stretch, and impressive durability. Unfortunately, neoprene does not score well in its environmental credentials; containing high levels of oil-based fibres that cannot be recycled at end of life.

The new Open Water Swimming Yulex® range from Zone3 looks to revolutionise the open water swimming wardrobe, in a stylish and eco-conscious design.

Yulex® is made from natural plant-based rubber, combined with 100% recycled polyester fabrics, to create a fit and performance like that of neoprene, but without the negative environmental impact. Zone3 estimate compared to an equivalent product made of neoprene, Yulex® has a CO2 emission cost 80% lower.

I have been swimming and stand-up paddleboarding in the Zone3 Yulex® Long Sleeve Top and Men's Jammers for the last few months, and have been impressed by their performance. Pulling them on you feel stylish, and the fabric is soft and flexible, with flat-lock seams for added comfort. The 1.5mm thick natural rubber fabric provides a good amount of warmth and added buoyancy when in the water, and it has proven impressively durable.

Compared to neoprene-made equivalent tops and jammers, the Yulex® range fairs well. The fabric is certainly as flexible, and the fit is comparable. I did find I needed to cinch up the waist cord on the jammers to keep them in place – likely because the fabric is not quite so 'compression fit' as neoprene buoyancy shorts; nevertheless, they functioned very well on endurance open water swims.

Well-made, robust, comfortable and stylish. The new Yulex® range from Zone3 is a practical and eco-friendly alternative to neoprene water sports wear. 

Zone3 Yulex swim range

Zone3 Yulex swim range

Zone3 Yulex swim range

Disclaimer: Zone3 supplied Zone3 Yulex swim wear for test and review


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