Kit Focus – 361° Spire 5 Endurance Running Shoes

361 Spire 5 Endurance Running Shoes Review
The new Spire 5 from 361 degrees pushes the boundaries of comfort and performance for endurance running shoes. I have become a complete convert to the 361 brand: for trail running (Review – Yushan 2 Trail Shoes) and for everyday road running (Review – Strata 5 Road Shoes). The new 361° Spire 5 is a marathon worthy road shoe that excels in delivering the perfect blend of comfort, rebound and durability.

Superior cushioning is the primary focus of the Spire 5—with the aim of producing a shoe that will let you run for miles and miles, without complaint.

The new cushioning technology comes in the form of QU!KFLAME. The upper layer of the shoe platform is the proven 361° QUICKSPRING+ foam, but then the Spire 5 benefits from the introduction of a newly developed PEBA nylon elastomer — QU!KFLAME offers superior cushioning and performance: it is extremely springy and 45% lighter than traditional EVA foam, yet it is durable enough to maintain responsiveness. The result is excellent flexibility, high resilience and rigidity, and an effective continuous forward momentum for runners – creating an incredible toe-off feel.

Continuing the comfort focus, 361° have developed the tongue of the Spire 5 to further reduce pressure points and ensure longer lasting comfort. The new anatomical design contours the top of the ankle for a more customised fit; with the super-soft materials removing pressure and stress on the top of the foot during dorsiflexion. No more agitation or discomfort.

On the sole of the Spire 5, 361° have used High Abrasion Rubber Technology to provide a reassuring grip on a range of running surfaces, and a durable tread that will ensure these shoes stand up to long endurance miles. A breathable mesh on the upper part of the shoes allows your feet to breathe and perspire, so they are kept dry and comfortable even with hours of wear.

Built for miles. The new Spire 5 is the pinnacle of long-distance running shoes from the 361 brand. They offer an unparalleled level of comfort and support for marathons and arduous training regimes—and it is safe to say they have become my running shoe of choice as I clock up the winter miles.

361 Spire 5 Endurance Running Shoes Review

361 Spire 5 Endurance Running Shoes Review

361 Spire 5 Endurance Running Shoes Review

361 Spire 5 Endurance Running Shoes Review

Disclaimer: 361 Europe supplied a pair of 361 Spire 5 Endurance Running Shoes for test and review


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