Kit Focus – Stanley Master Unbreakable Trigger Action 0.35L 16oz Insulated Travel Mug

Stanley Master Unbreakable Trigger Action Mug
I have a bad habit of breaking Thermos flasks… throwing them out of bottle cages; dropping them on slipways; knocking them about in kit bags. The result is that I have wiped-out at least four in the last year of adventuring and expeditions...

A thermal insulated mug or flask is a fantastic companion for all kind of cycling, kayaking, sailing, and hiking adventures though; letting you take a comforting hot drink (or ice-cold beverage) with you when you head out into the wilderness. That drink could save you from hypothermia or heat-stroke, if things get really out-of-hand.

In the pursuit of an unbreakable thermally insulated mug, I turned to the heritage brand Stanley. Known worldwide for their range of bombproof lunchboxes, mugs, and flasks; Stanley looked to have the answer to my quest…

The Stanley Master Unbreakable Trigger-Action Insulated Mug is my new adventure companion. Made from thick food-grade stainless steel—it is rugged and rust-proof, and built to last. Using Stanley's QuadVac Insulation technology, the mug will keep hot drinks hot for up to 5 hours; whilst cold drinks stay cold for up to 8 hours or iced for up to 20 hours.

The thermo-insulated cap is designed to retain heat within the flask—working far better than most thermal mug caps in this regard. It is also super easy to clean, and all parts are dishwasher safe.

To allow for easy drinking on the move, the Trigger Action mechanism lets you sip from the mug whilst holding it one-handed using the steel carry loop handle. The 'grunge guard' flips over the sipping spout to keep out dirt and contaminants—very handy on the trail or open water.

Whether stashed in your kayak's hold, secured in your bike's bottle cage, or dangling from the outside of your rucksack; the Stanley Master Unbreakable Mug is a trustworthy and valuable companion. 

Guaranteed for life—it has certainly already outlasted the normal lifetime of three cheap thermos flasks…

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Stanley Europe provided with a Trigger Action Thermal Mug for test and review. The above links are affiliate links—but this in now way affects the honesty of this review feature.


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