Kit Focus — Mophie 5000mAh Powerstation Mini Powerbank

Mophie 5000mAh Powerstation Mini USB-C Powerbank
A lot of people ask how I keep things charged on expeditions and multi-day tours. The answer is simple—powerbanks. There are many alternative sources of power; such as dynamo hubs, solar panels, and of course wall sockets; but powerbanks are a reliable and safe way to charge any device. My current personal choice is the Mophie 5000mAh Powerstation Mini Powerbank.

The Mophie Powerstation Mini is designed to work seamlessly with your electronic devices. The 5000-mAh battery is a serious power boost—capable of supplying an added 18 hours of use for most smartphones.

You can also charge multiple devices at once by plugging one device into the USB-C port and another into the USB-A port; the integrated four-light LED power indicator then displays charging status and the current battery life.

The Powerstation mini weighs just 130 grams, and it is super slim and minimalist—you will barely notice it in your pocket or bag. It is also surprisingly inexpensive at just £20-30 retail in many outlets.

A convenient, safe, and easy to transport power solution in remote wilderness locations.

Mophie 5000mAh Powerstation Mini USB-C Powerbank


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