Kit Focus – ENO Sub6 Ultralight Hammock

ENO Sub6 Ultralight Hammock Review Tim Wiggins
ENO (Eagles Nest Outfitters) were the creators of the parachute hammock, and have a wide range of hammocks for the outdoor adventurer. The ENO Sub6 is the lightest hammock in their range; aimed at the minimalist ultralight explorer.

The Sub6 is made from lightweight 30D ripstop nylon and super strong Dyneema line with aluminium toggles. It weighs in at just 165 grams, and packs down to a sack not much bigger than your fist (4" x 4").

Despite its ultra-lean weight, the ENO Sub6 is impressively durable and strong; rated to a holding capacity of 136 kilograms. You need to integrate it with the ENO Helios Suspension System, which of course does add a little more weight (another 160 grams), but provides a super strong connection with your chosen trees or lashing pillars.

Whether trekking into the depths of the jungle or just heading down to the beach to chill out after a summer adventure; the ENO Sub6 and Helios Suspension System is a quick and easy hammock set-up, that you will barely notice you are carrying.

I am looking forward to putting this to great use on future adventures.

>> Shop the ENO Sub6 Hammock here <<

>> Shop the ENO Helios Suspension System here <<

An ENO Sub6 Hammock and Helios Suspension System was provided to The Expedition Journals for test and review


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