Kit Focus — Primus PrimeTech Camping Stove Set 1.3L

I have been searching for the perfect expedition stove for years. I have come close many times, but there always seems to be a downfall; such as the pan being too small, or the burner too flimsy or ferocious. However, the PRIMUS PrimeTech 1.3L Stove Set is perfection, in my mind. It is beautifully built and delivers everything you need from an expedition level camping stove.

The Right Size

When you are riding a bike all day, for days on end, the calorie expenditure is mammoth. You can get away with cake, sandwiches, and biscuits as snacks during the day; but when you set up camp for the evening you really need to treat yourself to a large wholesome meal.

On previous expeditions I have taken a 1 litre JetBoil MiniMo Cooking System with me, and crammed the pan full of risotto, pasta, or porridge, in an attempt to get protein and calories into my system. The reality though was always that the pan was too small—I always had to supplement the meal with cold carbohydrate sides like bread or oat cakes (yum!). The larger pan on the 1.3L PRIMUS PrimeTech Stove solves the issue; it is large enough you can get a decent hot meal in there, and give your body the fuel it needs to begin repairing and recovering overnight.

Simmer Control

The size of the pan was what originally attracted me to the PRIMUS PrimeTech stove, but so too did the degree of burner regulation on this unit.

Unlike some stoves, which are on or off, the PRIMUS PrimeTech Stove has the ability to finely regulate the intensity of the flame; to allow simmering, rapid boiling, or anything in between. This versatility means you can cook dishes like porridge, risotto, and semolina (check out the Velochef 'Outside is Free' recipes) without baking it to the base of the pan.

Versatile Cooking Options

The PRIMUS PrimeTech Stove also has the advantage of being versatile in the pan choice provided by the set up. In the 1.3L Stove Set you get two 1.3 litre pans, one of which has the patented heat exchanger. The base burner unit can then also be adapted by flipping up three pot support stands so that you can use it with a pan that is large enough that it needs to sit outside the windshield of the base unit—such as a frying pan.

This adaptability is a huge advantage when you want to cook a variety of meals over the course of an expedition. It also means that if one of the pans gets damaged or lost then a replacement can easily be found.


The PRIMUS PrimeTech Stove Set also comes with a few noteworthy accessories: a Piezo clicker lighter, pan-handle, strainer lid, and an additional windshield.

The lighter is a neat little tool that makes lighting the unit a lot easier. It is nice that it is separate, as these clicker lighters do die after a time, so this makes it easy to replace.

The pan handle is an evolution of the classic handle found on PRIMUS stoves of old. It features rubber grippers to protect the non-stick coating on the titanium pans.

Finally, the strainer lid and additional windshield are useful accessories to improve the boil time of the stove, particularly in windy conditions. The strainer functionality is great for pasta and rice cooking.


The complete PRIMUS PrimeTech Stove Set comes in a neat robust nylon carry case, and packs away inside itself so that the pack-size is no larger than a single 1.3 litre pan.

This stove outperforms any other I have used in terms of cooking performance, and it is also the best made design that I have come across in terms of adaptability and versatility.

A quality piece of Scandinavian design from the classic Swedish stove maker.

>> View the Primus PrimeTech Camping Stove Set here <<

PRIMUS EU provided The Expedition Journals with the PrimeTech Stove for testing and review


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